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Nesrin Abaza

Real Estate Consultant

Office: 703.303.5000

Mobile: 202.246.4234

Fax: 202.518.0293


Hello! My name is Nesrin Abaza and I’ve been a DC resident for more than 20 years. I moved into the Kent neighborhood in 1996 with my husband, Mauricio, where we’ve raised our three teenagers. We enjoy the close proximity to bike trails, parks, restaurants, and of course, the beautiful monuments that DC has to offer.

Mauricio and I have owned a successful restaurant chain in the Washington, DC area since 2005. Each unit was designed, constructed, and financed by Mauricio. As CEO of our hospitality management company, I understand the significance of and have great knowledge on the investment process. After purchasing our first real estate property in the DC area in 1996, we later sold it for three times it’s purchase price. We did this through discovering a great source of financing to expand our business. Most of my free time was spent shopping for future investments and discovered my other passion of food. We have been successful in 100% of our real estate purchases from Washington, DC, Miami, and Quito, Ecuador.


I have gained great insight and experience in the real estate market. I lived in Greece, Jordan, Lebanon, South America, and Madrid. Through my travels, living in numerous different settings, I realized that no matter where you are in the world, there is always one important real estate principle: LIFESTYLE! No matter where it is, a home must be able to maintain or enhance your lifestyle in accordance with your style of living. Every home is unique and has it’s own distinctive qualities, but this standard is a must to keep in mind!

I am happy to announce that upon receiving my DC realtor license, I joined Metropolitan Realty with a strong presence in the metropolitan area. I look forward to sharing my passion and discussing your specific needs in person!


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